New Harry Potter Film Follows Harry’s Parents Before Harry Was Born

Jan 16, 2016 4:51 pm Last Update: Jan 16, 2016 4:51 pm3 minutes to read

New Harry Potter Film Follows Harrys Parents Before Harry Was Born

A trailer has been released for a Harry Potter fan film that follows the adventures of Harry’s parents before he was born.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Broad Strokes have launched a teaser trailer for their film Severus Snape and The Marauders.

The synopsis will excite Harry Potter fans all over:

Set in 1978 just after Harry Potter’s father James graduates from Hogwarts, he and his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew celebrate at a bar, contemplating their place in a war they are to soon become a part of. When Severus Snape enters the same bar, James Potter decides to do something about Snape once and for all.

The film stars Mick Ignis, Dani Jae, Garrett Schweighauser, Kevin Allen, Paul Stanko, and Zachary David and was directed by Justin Zagri, Keep your eye on their YouTube page for more.

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